Proj. ‘Emergency EU summit for leader’

Okay, this section is going to seem a little odd to some, the basis of it is, is that we had to complete a 72 hour Journalism project on ‘The thing I have always wanted to make!’ Recently, I have noticed, as have others, that I have had a slight Political streak, and it’s all I have been reading about lately. So I decided to base my project on somethign both current and what I am interested in at the moment.


Last country signs Treaty

EU leaders unable to come to decision about President

Emily Wonford Coventry

THE FINAL signature by Czech Republic has sealed the Lisbon Treaty and it’s now ready to go.

Czech Republic President Vaclaz Klaus, put the final
signature on the Lisbon Treaty on November 3, 2009, which is now set to become effective from December 1.
The remaining decision is that of who is to become

 Within the 27 member states that are included in the Treaty, it is said that 375 million votes will be counted in who becomes to the EU President, with German
Chancellor, Angela Merkel, looking to be a serious runner for the post.

It is clear the Gordon Brown is still trying to back Tony Blair, who is a 50 50 favourite to gain the job, although the decision on who will get the job is still uncertain, with both French and German leaders, Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel discussing the position.

After David Cameron’s blunder on the referendum that    would have allowed the British people a vote in the decision, he has proposed a further 6 point plan that would stop any UK powers going to the EU without a UK
referendum. However it seems that this has provoked angry criticism from a member of France’s centre-right Government, and has resulted in Daniel Hannan, MEP of the Lisbon Treaty, resigning from the Tory front bench (November 8), as well as Roger Helman (November 9), who has stepped down, as he believes Tory’s new policy is “confused and essentially cosmetic.”

An emergency summit is set to take place in Brussels next Thursday to settle the posts created by the Lisbon Treaty, both first council President and Foreign Minister, and votes are set to go ahead next week, as the 27 member states cannot seem to come to an agreement.

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