Ironmonger square due to finish by Christmas

A £4 million proposal to revamp one of Coventry’s landmarks is said to be completed on time for the public before Christmas.

 Ironmonger Square is being renovated to ensure more traffic calming measures that will extend from the Square to the West Orchards shopping centre by sandstone paving, as well as an additional 13 trees and a zebra crossing for pedestrians.  

 Cllr Hazel Noonan, cabinet member for City Services, is confident about the additional extension scheme that will see Ironmonger Square be expanded down the Burges, across Trinity Street, Cross Cheaping and then finally into West Orchards shopping centre.

 “We are able to extend the development on all approaches thanks to efficient budgeting and careful spending. It will give the whole area a facelift and fits in with the future developments for the city centre,” said Cllr Noonan.

 The new developments are being created in order to fit in with the rest of the city centre so it does not look out of place. The footway in Trinity Street is being widened with the placing of conservation flagstones to match the rest of the street, as well as being decorated with quality street furniture and much needed litter bins. Floor space will be made most important as lighting will be wall mounted to avoid the use of posts and columns to accommodate the lighting.

To add to the Christmas spirit, Cafés and restaurants are being encouraged to open up around the square, along with its use for markets and fairs.

 It was reported last year that a technical report was highlighted in terms of concerns about the heavy loads above the underground structure behind Primark. The initial cost of the restructure was £1.5 million which would not have left enough finance for the rest of the project, but an innovative technical solution of using carbon fibre meant it only cost £400,000.

After disruption to bus stations in Broadgate, it is said that a single lane road will operate in the opposite side to Primark, which will allow buses and taxis to once again travel up Trinity Street, towards the Burges, where two new bus stops will function.

However, Cllr Noonan added that the additional work to the project means that the project may not be finished until the end of February 2010, as Christmas will be a major cause for the delay.


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