Proj. Ponder and Enlighten

By Emily Wonford

Firstly, I would like to get it out of the way that I, by no means, support this ridiculous affair or politics (as I never really support anything politics comes up with at the moment), however, why is the UK abandoning it’s beliefs, it’s self worth and it’s traditionalism? It won’t be long before the UK does indeed become the ‘United States of Europe’ and everyone will be stood around, dumbfounded as to why no body did anything to stop this, and who will they blame first? Cameron or Brown?  Each were as ridiculous as each other in this situation, and we should have, without a doubt, adopted James Monroes US theory of ‘isolationism’ from the 1823 Monroe Doctrine. This stated that the US would not intervene in any foreign issues unless the US was at risk. Is the UK at risk? No, only from its own Parliament, therefore we should not have joined this facade of a Treaty, and we should not, even though we aren’t, be partaking in any votes towards making a President, and we should not even be involved unless we are in dire straights! Bring back a sense of nationalism.



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