Broadcasting at it’s best…….

Okay, so for this module we are recording on the radio, harassing poor public victims on the street for vox pops in which they probably have no idea what they are talking about (no doubt because they are shocked by being ambushed by young people who still find it thrilling to be in education – a rare thing nowadays) and, what else, oh yeah, having exciting “play with toys” lessons where we learn how to record, edit, and produce our masterpieces! The teacher we have for this specific lesson, I have to say, is brilliant! He happily walks into walls for the good of teaching us about the way microphones work!

Okay so on the Radio News Bulletins front, we have already written a few short bulletins and recorded them, luckily enough we had a very small number in our Seminar and so was the envy of the class when we got in the radio station first! We had to choose an international, national and local story to broadcast. I was absolutely petrified – I don’t like the sound of my voice and I’m pretty sure no one else does either! Let’s just say, when people say that the first time is always the worst and it gets better….. they are wrong .. I am still petrified!

Next up on the agenda for us was to go out into the wild (or Coventry as it’s more well known to those who aren’t mental students) and grab random, unsuspecting people off the streets to ask them about the recession, as that was the hot topic of the day, after Mr G Brown declared the country was out of the recession my a MASSIVE…. 0.1%.. (yaaay!) Bless him, it’s not his fault he doesn’t quite get it. The interviewees were interviewed (obviously) on the street and we took what they said back to the computers to be downloaded and edited – what we got wasn’t amazing, but then it was our first time, and it’s not always you get a swearing student talking about money – oh wait, that’s all the time!

Our most recent project was today, in which we had to find an international piece of news and put a local stance on it. So as a group of four, we chose the Toyota fiasco, and searched for a Professor at the University who specialises in Automotive Engineering. (Let’s just say when we went to the Alma Building, I fell in love and didn’t want to leave – pure astonishment swept my face when I saw a massive room, a massive helicopter (stripped) and a fighter jet 🙂 :O 🙂 Mmmmmm) Unfortunately I had to face the real world pretty soon as we weren’t able to find any Professors that weren’t busy with their cars or planes or automotive…things… lucky so and so’s! Aaand now I am lost on what I was saying due to drooling! Aah yes…. We were given a name of a man I shall not say due to confidential reasons, but we ambushed him at his house and interviewed him about the current Toyota situation, least not to say I don’ think he was impressed when we were bamboozled by the equipment we had to use – yes, I set it up, says it all really, but we got there in the end and got a lot of words and sentences from this man, that not even I understood 🙂

We will be editing the interview next Monday, ready to be recorded on Tuesday. So far, so good. I hope.



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