For Broadcast … Microlight Plane Crash

(19th January 2010)

A man was flying eleven thousand miles from England to Australia in a microlight plane for charity has died.

Emily Wonford reports …

A man who was flying to Australia for Charity has been found dead off the French coast by a French Patrol boat.

Fourty-two year old, Martin Bromage, flew from Gloucestershire Airport and ten am yesterday morning to fly eleven thousand miles to raise one hundred and fifty thousand pounds for the Help For Heroes charity.

He was found off the French coast at ten pm.

A Dover Coastguard spokesman said it was due to the bad weather conditions that a helicopter was not sent out to Mr Bromage.

He was scheduled to arrive at Le Touqet at midday.


4 thoughts on “For Broadcast … Microlight Plane Crash

    1. Oh my goodness, I’m very sorry! I guess this is why they teach us to check and double check at University of our facts! I’m so amazed at what he wanted to achieve. It’s an inspiration to do something like that, such a selfless act of human nature.

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