Achilles and The Tortoise by Takeshi Kitano


Achilles and The Tortoise

So the film….

Takeshi Kitano, the writer of such films as ‘Brother’ (2000) and ‘Dolls’ (2002) opens the world to his latest film, which exubes a sense of accomplishment that could only be found in films based on the creators personal experiences. The ideas of school dropouts who dream of chasing their careers is found within the story of the film, but not in the ‘Grease’ Rizzo beauty dropout sense, a more desperate need to achieve, but with unfortunate consequences.

Kitano’s engagement with art in the film can be seen as distressing to some, as the events take severe turns whenever art is apparent in the scenes. And as becoming an artist for the young boy is largely what the film is about, one can imagine that the film isn’t all sweet and innocent. It is no magical fairytale where someone ‘finds’ their innerself without any hassle. There is a lot of hassle. 

The film lacks any emotional expressions such as love, in the romantic sense of the word, but evokes a true meaning of friendship, loneliness and greed (by other characters, not the young boy himself.)

But to look at the film as an innocent, just scraping the surface, the audience is left feeling deflated by the events and finds themself with not even a dose of sympathy left, as this is strewn across the film from the very beginning.


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