Extra – Curricular activities: DRAWING

Jane from Disney’s Classic Tarzan (1999)


Another of my passions is drawing, however I can only do it well when something is on my mind, or I am focused on doing something else, if I focus too much on the drawing itself, I become too involved in its perfection and it always gets ruined, screwed up and put in the bin. 

So as I was drawing this picture, I watched Disney’s Tarzan (that was where the inspiration came from) and also Disney’s Emperor’s New Groove to take my mind off the drawing itself so that it could just flow from my pencil onto the page. Granted it is just a cartoon, but I find it difficult to draw real people, and if I do it normally has to be from a picture. This has been attempted many times, and I have only succeeded and been proud of what I draw twice. 

My main artistic talent is in drawing/painting landscapes, such as waterfalls and the sea, and I painted such paintings for my Art GCSE. I love the way the acrylic paint can be used to make a painting come to life with depth and imaginative colour. 

As a child I grew up with a love of Disney films, and was fascinated by the way people could draw such fantastic characters using just their pencil and skill, such as Bambi, The Aristocats, Fox and the Hound and especially The Lion King. Recently computer animation has taken over to create such characters as Woody and Buzz from Toy Story and Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc, and although this hasn’t taken away the magic of cartoon animation, it has left me feeling that there is nothing better than hand drawn characters, especially Disney Princesses like Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Pocohontas. 

I tend to draw fairies, inspired by the brilliant TinkerBell, as a way to distract myself from real life for the time being while I am drawing, and it gives me chance to create outfits, that in my mind I could create for real, as another one of my hobbies is to design different types of clothes. 

I find drawing to be very calming and creative and gives me the chance to just sit quietly and do something productive in which an end product makes me feel proud, and i want to intertwine this with my chosen profession of journalism somehow. 


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