Reflection of Inspirations and Discipline (2)

Man must rise above the Earth—to the top of the atmosphere and beyond—for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives. — Socrates

 I am not an average person. I am a young woman who enjoys Disney films and then will gracefully sit through gory horrors and mind twisting thrillers. I enjoy the occasional shopping and the trudging through woods and forests. I’ll sit quietly on the beach and think and party with the rest of them. But I also am an adamant fan of machinery in the transport sense. I love cars and best of all I love planes and I love to fly.

 Thinking far back, but not far enough to have forgotten the immense feeling of adrenaline, I started to begin to fly a Cessna 152 with the help of Daddy’s wallet and the inspiration from women pilots like Amelia Earhart and Amy Johnson pounding in my heart. But Daddy’s wallet isn’t in Coventry with me at University, and so the lessons had to stop (and I was a little scared of stopping the engine at many miles up the air above the ground) and the education had to take prominence in my life.

 But I will never forget the amazing feeling of being in control of the thrust, and the speed and the height; taking the controls, being higher than the ships at Margate; flying over bathers at Broadstairs and getting to Pfizer’s at Sandwich within 10 minutes rather than half an hour. And as Wilbur Wright said in 1905: “There is no equal to that which aviators enjoy while being carried through the air on great white wings.”

 It was this amazing experience that makes me want to get back in a plane, and have that sense of accomplishment that I only get when I am in the cockpit of, what is essentially a kite in the sky.

 It is the same inspiration that I have to fly, that gives me the same inspiration to carry on writing articles. The same adrenaline of knowing that someone reads what you write and the idea that it could in fact be news worthy. It is the same inspiration that makes me want to continue my writing in an aviation area, for the learning benefit, for writing about what I love, and enjoying what I am doing.

Cessna 152 at Manston, Kent

 You haven’t seen a tree until you’ve seen its shadow from the sky 

– Amelia Earhart 


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