‘Editing the Coventry Telegraph’ with Darren Parkin

Darren Parkin, the country’s youngest Editor at 24 on the News of Wolverhampton, he is now the editor of the Coventry Telegraph.

The Coventry Telegraph was founded in 1891 by W.I Ayliff, who was told by many people that he wouldn’t be able to get together a daily newspaper for a minor population. However, the Midland Daily Telegraph was set up, and he succeeded! Although he never saw the newspaper become what it did because he died.

Parkin, throughout the conversation, told the audience how the newspaper grew and grew in strength and readership and what it has become today, and the feats it has accomplished like the first ever colour edition of the Lunar Landing in 1969.

Newspapers have moved so far from the 1968 Cylindrical press, using hot metal, and Linoleum press used to make pages to the easy printing that we have today, using ‘In Design’ and image lead fronts. 

Coventrytelegraph.net is one of  the best in the country, and very successful. Blogs are now used on the website, with such blogs as the ‘geek files’, which weren’t seen to be very successful, but in fact is the most “succesful blog of its genre in the world…”

Parkin went from the editing of the Telegraph to the issues regarding the recession, and pointed out how badly newspapers have been hit by it. “Across the country some newspaper groups are reporting losses of 50% over the last year…” There have been many redundancies, and newspapers are the worst because they are helped along by advertising, and these advertisers have pulled out.

Darren Parkin was asked if this is the end of printing press… “My arse it’s the end of the printing press.” He doesn’t believe that radio or television destroyed the newspapers, and he doesn’t even believe that the “interweb” will ruin the newspaper. And nor do I.

“If news is the product, what is the vehicle? If you are a Journalist, employed by the newspaper, are you there to be a newspaper journalist?”


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