Extra – Curricular Activities – DRAWING

Anastasia from Fox's first Animation film Anastasia (1997)

 As with most of the time when I am drawing, I was watching this film, Anastasia, when I wanted to draw her in the classic and well – known blue opera dress, but I couldn’t find a decent picture online, so instead I went with the classic orphan look.

It was drawing this particular picture that made me think about writing about art and other various forms of art, whether it be paintings or sculptures, because I found myself criticising this particular picture as I was drawing it. Although I am happy with the overall result, when I took the picture, I realised how her eyes are ‘wonky‘, face too lopsided and too long, and although I do not want to find myself criticising other artist’s work, I find myself more inclined to study art and its effect on the world, and write about it for others.


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