‘My Brilliant Career’ with Steve Cropley

Steve Cropley is the Editor of Autocar, and in this conversation he spoke of how to get that desired journalistic career by telling stories of his own ‘brilliant career’.

What caught my attention the most was how he mentioned that getting certain jobs in this career, you need determination, work experience and above all…. luck. What struck as odd was how we get different information from different people, you need qualifications to get you places, you don’t need qualifications to get you places, you have to be of a certain age… “We don’t employ 28 year olds and we certainly don’t employ 35 year olds”… when did the journalistic career get so ageist? Has it always been this way? Surely, it doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s your talent, and your knowledge.

Steve Cropley fell into journalism by default, stumbling across the Adelaide Advertiser, reporting on the stock market at that time. It bodes the idea that maybe you stumble across Journalism, rather than bust a gut to get to where you want.

His stories made Journalism sound exciting, meeting new people to allow them to tell you their story so that you can express it to the world, or at least the readership of your magazine or newspaper. What he emphasised the most in his conversation, was how tight the group of Journalists on various magazines must be to get somewhere, how young his team has to be… 22 years or younger… (which doesn’t bode well for those who finish University around the age of 21 or 22 if they carry on to a masters….) and how badly you have to want it to get anywhere.


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