‘The Fall of Tiger Woods’ with Jim White

Jim White, winner of Sport’s Columnist of the year and founding member of The Independent in 1986, came to Coventry to talk about The Fall of Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods recently became well-known in the media for his sex scandals and serial adulterous behaviour. It caused such uproar because he was getting so far in his golfing career…about to become the “undisputed greatest golfer ever” and it all fell down when it arose that he had slept with multiple women… that wasn’t his wife!

It has to be said that the whole Woods saga had been taken out of hand. The media believed that this is what the world wanted to know about… how many women he had slept with, how his career was dissipating, and that we would want to watch his public apology, that was quite unecessary. 

“Tiger Woods was seen as untouchable…”  $120 thousand a minute was paid to TV companies for events that he was playing in, and $80 thousand for when he wasn’t playing …. he was making people lose and win money all over the place, and sponsors were losing and gaining money, and everyone needed Woods reputation had to be kept squeaky clean.

Many believe that the crash that Tiger had, was a way to run away and hide from the problem, but the Tiger Woods hype was blasted into the Media and taking completely out of hand and was blown out of proportion, and the media need to realise that adulterous behaviour happens all over the world and there is a reason why it doesn’t get into the papers… because the world doesn’t care. It’s a ll a ridiculous big money making scheme.


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