No To Hobbits…

Have you heard the latest bad news to hit Hollywood? They are trying to boycott Peter Jackson’s new prequel to THE amazing Lord of The Rings trilogy.

It has been announced that that the reason for this is over pay (Metro, 27 September 2010) with seven Unions trying to urge actor’s not to accept this, what would be amazing, film (Evening Standard, 27 September).

If they are unable to produce another famous Peter Jackson film, the world will be a darker place. For those who haven’t read The Hobbit, Jackson’s films are an excellent way to let J.R. R. Tolkein’s magic into their lives. I have only recently began reading Lord of The Rings (soon to finish) because I wanted to fill in the gaps from the films, and believe me Jackson does the book the justice it deserved. As he would a second time around with The Hobbit.. I have absolutely no doubt in this.

 Actors get paid too much anyway…


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