Day numero dos.

April 27 2011.

Today was an adventurous day. My second day and I was sent on on my nelly to get the ‘ voice of the people.’ I was petrified. So far, so many adventures. I tried every trick to get out of it, bit the bullet and just walked out the door. I attempted to call my friend and get a quote from him.. he had no clue about the government system, AV and the elections… pointless. Finally I got up the courage to walk up to some gentle kind lady and bug her. Phew! Relief. Then, this is where it gets horrendous. I manage to find the drunkest, most delusional person in Margate. A 49 year old gentleman, swiggin vodka from a bottle, who genuinly thought he battled in the war. Riiiiight. “Keep calm Wonford. Just get a quote and do a runner.” Half an hour he had me for. We went from the government (yes, I did actually manage to get a quote decent enough to use) to the way the country is run and how it should be changed to universities, education and… sorry I don’t remember the rest of irrelevant natter I encountered.

I managed to leave. Cold. Shivering. I walk into the office. Sit down. “Did you get some quotes.” *Looking dishevelled* “Ya huh” “Did you get a picture?” Whaaaatttt… How on earth could I have forgotten? I managed quotes, names, ages, occupations. I then had to grab a camera, run back into town to find this man. Oh I found him. Swigging more vodka on his little bench in Marghetto. I took his picture and attempted to disappear. 20 more minutes. I could have died. I needed a pint.

Needless to say, I spent the rest of the day hiding in the office, in front of my computer writing nibs. Although.. on day numero dos I can honestly say I’m not afraid of the telephone anymore.

Is this really what I want my future career to be? Someone show me the way to an airport and make me fly a plan.


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