Heigh Ho Heigh Ho it’s back to my desk I go.

Tuesday. number 3. of the month of that ‘ol May.

So. The Royal wedding is over. It is still annoyingly on the TV all the time and our issue is full of small sticky children with smiley faces and sticky fingers.

I genuinly enjoyed today (no sarcasm intended) pretty much good news all day – unusual for a Journalist in a news room. Last week I had to do a write up on a local childrens author David Grimstone or David Lee Stone. I remember when I worked in Waterstones over Christmas and having to try convince people to buy this guys amazing books..I had completely put it to the back of mind, until I turn up at this guys house to get a photograph and it all comes flooding back. It was very nice to see old faces.

I also found out what it was like to be a personal runner.. and for that split moment when I had to drop of a jacket and wine into the Customs House on Ramsgate Seafront, I was ashamed of liking doing a bit ir PA work! But never will I want that in my life forever. Let’s be honest I am finding out a lot of what I do not want to do than what I do want to do. Which is a shame.

I had a lot of fingertip tapping today, hopefully I get something half decent in Friday’s paper.


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