On the third day of placement my editor gave to me…

Well today was yet another exciting day. Can you tell in the tone of my voice that I’m getting tired?

Today was actually an insightful day, I have made helpful contacts and it was my first ever time reporting on the job.

Notebook in hand, pen that run out thrown away and press pass strapped to my chest. With the photographer at my side we went to the opening of the Thanet College’s new Training Centre. I would go into the detail but I exhausted that in the article I wrote.. which annoyingly needs to be tweaked because my creativity and imagination got the better of me. I forgot the general basic rules… who what where when and why but instead I tried to create some atmospheric brilliance. Ah well. I could always go in to travel journalism I suppose. Send me to Canada, I’d be a happy bean.

I thought this was a really good experience though. Everyone knew that I was the noobie… Must have had the deer in headlights about me.. but one gentleman in particular took me under his wing and showed me around (and I’ll be honest gave me a few hints on how to write the thing). I am grateful to this man, without him my article could have been a lot worse.

Again, for the rest of the day we spent it dressed up in our Royal Wedding attire and stressing about the Friday edition.


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