May the Fourth Be With You.

Yes. I have jumped on the Star Wars Day puns, and loving joke I have found today…. Between two star troopers:-

Not that this stopped my hard work for a minute! but it did n’alf make me chuckle in my boots.

So, was the Force’th with me today? Well, all  I can say is Wednesday’s must be ‘send Emily out into the wild and let her loose with a notepad, pen, camera and charm’ because no one can grip old people in ‘banter’ than Wonford. HALF AN HOUR they had me stood on the harbour arm, wind and hair in my face, talking education, university and youths (I’d only asked them about the regeneration of Dreamland). It was much like the Wednesday before, except more pleasant and less crude. I have to admit, I did wimp out on this one and went for the easy option.. shops! I knew where I could go and people would be accepting, willing and above all.. nice. Margate isn’t so bad, but I am one woman, small and intimidated by these rogue-ish beast that roam our streets. But, oh my, come at them with a notepad and a camera and they flee. I should carry this on a Friday night… no problems will succumb to me then.

And what else did my michievous self get up to? I was having a rather quiet day, calling a Teen Queen contestant.. I had to website research this and I could feel my teeth grating and blood boiling. Nothing says bulemia and anorexia quite like 13 year olds posing, face full of make-up, on show, than a Teen Queen and Princess pageant. No wonder girls these days are so bemused by catwalk models, and obese people and fingers in throats (excuse my vulgarity but it’s true) and not knowing where they stand.  I know I am in the media, as much as I like to say ‘Oh no I’m not media type… I do English and read books and such things’…I am part of this mess that has brazened young girls minds “you’re fat you’re fat you’re fat, you’re ugly you’re ugly you’re ugly and will never be as good as Cheryl Cole or What’s-his-face-he’s-famous-for-something-with model-trophy-wife Lady. So I give my luck to the girl I interviewed for her ‘near-to-the-final heat to become Queen. I hope it’s an experience of a lifetime. Genuinly. 

Otherwise, I spent the day writing nibs about various goings on in’t the Marghetto, and the Ramsghetto and Old Lady Broadstairs.

So excited for Friday, ~I get to go on a Choo Choo train to Ashford. ‘Citing stuffs.


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