Revenge of the Sith.

May 5, 2011

Finally I was let out, like a labrador excited to go chasing it’s ball in a field, with a colleague, the amazing Saul (I have to be nice… he reads this).

We went out into the fabulous Ramsghetto (to the locals) and Ramsgate to those who still think Thanet has a ray of hope left in it, to get vox pops about the death of Osama Bin Laden. Of course, Saul did a fab job and you would have thought that after the 2 times I had been sent out on my lonesome to speak to unsuspecting victims in Margate, I’d be good at it. No. Wrong. I managed to pick two essex builders (and this is no dig at regional idiocy) who didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. “Do you really think he is dead?” “Yeah?” “Do you think they should release the video of his death?” “No?” “Why not?” “I dunnah.” Still, I managed to get enough out these wonderful gentlemen to write up a vox. These have been my speciality from the whole 2 weeks, I think. I can’t write a story without it being mashed to pieces but I can talk to strangers. Guess the days of, don’t talk to that man with the lollies sure don’t exist when you’re a journo.

Although, on a lighter note for the day, as it weas election day, we went to the Customs House where all the politicians live and I got to see the meeting room with a compass on the ceiling, yes, I was amazed by this and best of all… the Town jewels. It was amazing.

As it was deadline day and everyone was stressed out, it was nice to be  a cop out and get out of the office. I don’t bode well in office environments. I’m sticking to this idea of travel journo!


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