The Day I Blew the Whistle.

May 6, 2011.

So today was interesting and I will be completely honest, I am no train buff, I like planes and motorbikes and cars and boats, but I loved today.

I managed to bag a whole day out of the office to get to travel with the Steam Dreams company and crew (and for those who have no idea what I am talking about, they are a lovely bunch of people that go on choo choo chuff chuffs and love it). I did my job while I was on the train, obviously, interviews, the story, a nice little unexpected scope on the Wombles and to make me feel like I fit it in – brunch and champagne. From the starting point in Minster, I travelled up to London Victoria, where they changed engines (and I am only slightly ashamed, okay a lot, to say that I was leaving the station and purposely went back to look at the new big red one that was to take them all to York – Princess Elizabeth). One of my wonderful friends has gracefully pointed out that I am being converted to one of them.. never.

I met some people I hadn’t been introduced to before and others that I have known from my last trip on the Torndo at Christmas, 2009. If I’ve learnt anything from the day it’s that it isn’t what you know but who you know and I am thankful for the contacts I have made.

I find it unfortunate that after spending 2 weeks in a working newspaper office environment, with some great journalists, that it was today that helped me find my desire to become a journalist. I’ll be honest after 2 years at Uni I had lost it for a bit, but today put the creative spark back into me, I’m more confident in my writing style and I know that some publications, such as where I was for my placement, just isn’t for me. I am happy that I had this opportunity to find this out earlier rather than later. It has certainly been a learning curve, I guess that’s the whole point isn’t it?

Oh yes, the day was made better when I was allowed to sit in the footplate and blow the whistle…. twice. Anorak in the making? I think so.

Cathedrals Explorer's best Engine Driver


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