Oh the Triumph! (See what I did there?!)

Coventry Transport Museum has out-done itself once again by hosting ‘Scooter Mania’ this season.

As of October 26, prepare to be transported back to 1950, 60’s Britain with a tantalising exhibit of classic Triumphs, BSA, Raleigh, and other ‘not-so-well-known’ British built scooters, all owned by one man – collector Robin Spalding.

This ‘giving exhibition’ allows visitors to freely spend time reminiscing of their youth, for younger participants to gaze upon historical Britain, dress as a MOD or Rocker, take cheeky photographs in the photo board, enter the draw for a spanking new 50cc Twist and Go, and listen to the real hand-made Jukebox in the purpose built ‘Ace Café’.

Classically Margate, on the coast of South-East Kent, is the paradise destination for the nostalgic MOD’s and Rocker’s, but the pre-existing ‘Ace Café’ in the Transport Museum gave helpful advice to the ‘Talking About My Generation’ exhibition that was held by the ‘Friends of Margate Museum.’

Clive Skelhon, Head of PR and Marketing at the Museum pushed the importance of the exhibition due its educational influence; reasoning that not enough people have any knowledge of British involvement in scooters from as early as World War II, as the dominance was mainly in the Italian market with Piaggio, who also manufactures Vespa and Lambretta.

Robin Spalding and Curator Steve Bagley worked closely together to create an exhibit full of life that isn’t just specific to the MOD culture, with a fusion of memorabilia from both eras, fashion, and of the time advertising campaigns.

Scooter Mania: November 16, 2012 – March 3, 2013

Skelhon, whose favourite model in the exhibit is the BAC Gazelle from 1952, said: “I think they have done a wonderful job with so many shapes, sizes and colours, and the subdued lighting has helped to bring out the scooter’s inner qualities.

After going to Robin Spalding and collaborating with the Motorcycle Charitable Trust, Skelhon said: “This was just an opportunity too good to pass up.”

He uses the current financial situation as a way to invigorate life back into scooters, believing that they are brilliant modes of transport when travel is just too expensive and hopes that visitors will leave thinking about them, or even hoping to purchase one of their own.

This exhibit is due to end March 3, 2013.


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