JLR: Future

As with Jeep the future of JLR depends on changing economy, environment and consumer needs. But with JLR there is added pressure to staying to their British heritage. Now that Tata has taken hold of JLR and Ratan Tata is exploiting the British as, let’s face it lazy workers, the potential for JLR to go all out Indian isn’t exactly unlikely.  But as mentioned previously, there is talk of the brand staying true to its origins and trying to keep work within the country.

JLR has seemingly tried to cut costs and saving time modelling cars before manufacture by, and what I find rather interesting, is the creation of a world’s highest resolution, state of the art projector that allows designers and engineers to see and interact with life-size 3D models of vehicles and their components. This comes after an investment of £2 million in order to speed up product development cycles, and making this the most advanced facility of its kind in the world. “The total solution provides a virtual reality environment like no other for simulating vehicle exteriors and interiors and capable of making bodywork appear solid or transparent, all at a resolution that is near photo-realistic.”

I guess the snobs really will just love that.

Steve Cropley spoke to Carl-Peter Forster, Tata Group boss to find out about expansion and new plans: http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/motoring/jlr-boss-firms-future. I have incorporated this because, although it doesn’t give a lot away about the future of Land Rover and Range Rover, in fact it doesn’t give a lot away at all, it gives an idea that in the future, Landey and Rangey will be going in different directions. Whether that is through design or engineering, he doesn’t say, I guess we’ll just have to watch this space.

As for the environmental issues that plague the car industry today, I would suggest that JLR have got that under their belt. The new Range Rover due for release in 2013 is all aluminium, lighter, more fuel efficient. The firm also announced (this source came from the Daily Mail so beware) that JLR have unveiled a new ‘super green hybrid’ Range Rover, as they invest £370 million in ‘British factory’ – the ‘Midlands’ one. Whey for us! And David and Victoria Beckham, who have announced they want one.

It would seem that JLR and Jeep have both risen to the challenges ahead of them, so they still have some competition amongst them. (All this module has done is not helped in decided what I would rather own).

But it appears what JLR have done, is just take existing models, up-market them somewhat so more A-list celebs and footballers and other rich folk that isn’t the everyday consumer, so they can sit on fancy brick driveways in-front of multimillion pound country houses. But at least they are making them greener and more economic!


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