Jeep: Future

Okay, so the future of Chrysler Jeep, or any company for that matter, depends pretty much on the environmental preachers that determine how much waste we need to recycle, or how much pollution our cars can spout out before the world just says ‘no’. So, it would seem that for the future of any car company to succeed depends on how far they are willing to go into the depths of alternative fuels and whether to mention the one word with the power to sear through your teeth like fingers down a chalkboard; ‘electric’.

Chrysler started it all off with a trio from their group of brands; Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep, choosing the Jeep Wrangler as its new EV model within the 4×4 range.

“The Jeep EV Range-extended electric vehicles consist of an electric motor, and advanced lithium-ion battery system and a small gasoline engine with an integrated electrical generator.”

Thus the little baby Jeep, as explained by the tech guys behind it all, can go for 40 miles on full electric power before losing it and acting something like a hybrid. The generator would produce power and send it to the electric motors when needed. The gas tank allows the Jeep to travel an extra 400 miles, all depending on its load weight and the conditions it is driving on. That is was in 2008. We’re in 2013 and still intertwining electric with gas. Is there actually a future whereby it’s all electric or nothing? I personally don’t think so, and I’m not so sure the car industry does either, but at least we’re trying, and only perseverance in the future can give us any indication.

But some people are stuck in their ways, would people want a new EV Jeep that might just do the job of the old rugged gas powered vehicles? The company will just have to see how scared consumers are about the world caving in on itself from Global Warming to see if they will warm to new types of energy powering their cars.

This website gives a little detail on the Jeep Wrangler EV back in 2008, and also provides the press release given out by Chrysler LLC in September 2008, which is worth a read, as it not only details the Wrangler but the other models from Chrysler that were given the EV treatment.

Although, considering that Jeep Wrangler EV had its debut in 2008, showcased at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and the Grand Cherokee was giving it’s heart transplant in 2012, there is no stopping the company from venturing further into EV’s or other alternative fuel arrangements for their range.

It also has to be taken into account whether consumers still want large fuel all-consuming SUV’s or whether, without the option of cheaper to buy, cheaper to run, family cars, they would want to downsize. As the economy changes, so does consumers wallets, and Chrysler LLC would need to take into consideration whether they should still be making Grand Cherokees with enough space to hide your Great Nan in the boot, or whether smaller, cheaper vehicles need to be considered.

With the development of the Jeep brand throughout the ages, it just shows that there is a huge potential for this brand to commit to the environmental needs for the future, whilst retaining their original symbol of adventure and exploration. Just because it’s electric doesn’t mean it won’t work….but that is for the consumers to decide, whether they want a 4×4 plugged into their electrical sockets next to their TV’s or if they would rather follow the crowd to the nearest petrol station. I personally think that to have overcome economic and environmental needs, see their way through countless ownerships, (even now seeing their way into Fiat) and the changing market, there is no reason why the brand can’t continue redeveloping their image, whilst remaining one of America’s greatest adventure icon.


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