Jeep: Strengths and Weaknesses

Just like Jaguar Land Rover, Jeep is not without its faults. Many of the company’s strengths and weakness fair in the same way as JLR; do people still want SUV’s? Is there enough of a market to warrant a vast amount of Research and Development into a new technologies to aid alternative fuels?

The manufacture of Jeep at Jefferson North is done by way of mass production, very much in the same way as Land Rover, using both personnel and robots. Again we have the same issues of over production, but it is far more cost effective. Here is YouTube clip of the Jefferson North plant, the clip is noisy but shows the way people and robots work together to make the Jeeps.

As for financial performance, overall the Chrysler Group were performing well in 2012 reporting a net income of $436 million in the second quarter. The Jeep Wrangler was among one of the helpers of such an income with all-time sales records in June 2012.

Performance wise, Jeep gathered together many an award last year, and the 2012 Grand Cherokee was branded the “Best of the Bests 2012: SUVs,” whilst also being named the Grand Cherokee SRT8 as the “Performance SUV of Texas.” So clearly, as within the UK and China with people still wanting large SUVs or 4x4s, nothing in America has changed drastically either, gaining the companies a strength point for persistence.

However, taking a look at the Jeeps rapid design changes, unlike the Land Rovers and Range Rovers, once Jeep was safely nestled in the sweaty palm of the Chrysler Group, from the Grand Cherokee to Wrangler, design overhauls were made, somewhat relinquishing them from their original heritage. As mentioned in the post ‘Image’, the Jeeps have become heftier, shinier, and looking more robust (which, I suppose could be seen as a strength for families wanting safer looking cars).But as the years have waded on, and Jeeps are still in production they seem to have lost their panache, whereby Land Rover seem to have found theirs in the Evoque.

Nonetheless, the two companies have made sure to stay within the game of competition. Jeep are continually coming up with new technologies to hone in on the idea of electric and alternative fuels. In order to stay within the competition they need to ensure they can research and develop the technologies, enable them, but still maintain the origins of Jeep. No matter the changing economy or climate, Jeep must still remain a fun and adventurous vehicle and make claims of reaching new heights in exploration. Otherwise the company will have just another SUV for run-around mums.


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