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Same as Jeep: From hard working farm vehicle to safe family run around, or as the drug dealers car it is typically known as. The need for Landeys hasn’t changed drastically for those that use them for the original purpose of their inception, but more increasingly they are seen doing 80 mph down the motorway, parked outside schools waiting for kids to get in them and make them dirty, or parked on over-priced new build house driveways….waiting for the kids and their sticky hands to get in them and make them dirty while Mum drives 10 minutes down the road to the nearest Sainsbury’s or Waitrose. I get a little stereotypical, but I can’t help what I observe.

However, unlike Jeep (which, when taken over by Chrysler, seemed to lose their original heritage and become something shinier, less of the ‘let’s go on a bumpy adventure I can tackle anything’) Land Rover and Range Rover seemed to keep whatever it was they had, the vehicles integrity never seems to change, no matter how many ownership’s they went through, they still stayed, well, British….ish.

This is a link to a blog site about a Landey named ‘The 88’ or ‘Frank’. It’s a comedic post written from the perspective by the owner of a faithful Land Rover. I have included this because it shows that the original slogan for Land Rover; “For the Young and Young in Heart” hasn’t changed since it’s conception in 1947, people still buy Land Rovers as big toys, and love them nonetheless even through their faults. http://moretimespace.wordpress.com/2011/06/28/the-joy-of-old-land-rover-ownership/

Although the integral heritage of the Land Rover brand hasn’t changed, it’s still an almighty machine that can cross desert terrain without so much as a ‘no thanks that’s not for me,’ but the perceived image on who buys the car has changed. As mentioned before, no longer does it adorn the working farmer’s badge, oh no, it is now seen to be flung to the snobs. Website Motor Torque uses the Dambusters advert to relay this idea of new found snobbery. I thought the ads were nothing more than stunts with a playful edge, to merely showcase what your beloved Land Rover could do; if you so wished to drive your Landey to work via a Dam, so be it. I guess I’m just one of those snobs the advert reaches out to. I admire the team’s gumption to be so bold and daring. Considering I can’t think of any Jeep ads that have made me think; ‘Mmm yes I want one of those’ then I think they have done pretty well. This is the link to the article that basically says ‘All you with a Landey or Rangey, you’re a snob.’ http://www.motortorque.com/videos/car-adverts/land-rover-dambusters-80s-advert-6907.aspx

The advert it dissects is on the web page, and the link below includes the one with Zara Philips; the first of the Royal Family to feature in an ad. This too, equals snob.


But it takes one to understand the reason behind Land Rover as a brand in order to grasp why these adverts are so bold and out there. That’s what the company delves into; adventure and exploration, and what better way to explore how good your Land Rover is by driving it up the side of a concrete wall. It’s not snobbery, it’s appealing to that inner nature of adventure, boys and their toys, the real image of Land Rover. But consumerism won’t allow that, there’s Global Warming guys, and health and safety! Think about the children!

The latest argument, because it’s just outrageous that the earth would be changing by its own accord so we must blame the chemicals and pollution and all that, is that 4 x 4s are ‘climate criminals’. Whilst other car companies rise up to the challenge of making, quite frankly pointless, electric vehicles that cost just as much as your house – but don’t worry they are cheaper to run – it would seem that Land Rover are still plodding along using petrol and diesel and basically being the flying rat pigeon of the car world. WRONG. They have taken heed of advice from the big environmental Gods and said Okay. As of 2012, Range Rover was unveiled to become the new eco car of the range set to be on public sale before 2020; Chief engineer Peter Richings said: The Range Rover was a logical place to start as buyers of this car are able to afford the technology.” Yes, those snobs can afford it. The RR will be a Plug-In Hybrid (PHV), a technology that encompasses rechargeable batteries with a hybrid vehicle, so the energy device can be recharged fully at a normal electric wall socket.

This link takes you to the article on Auto Express that I thought summed up the new Range Rover the best. It gives all the techy specs of the Jaguar XJ_e PHV, but claims that this won’t be seen on the new Range Rover but similar technologies were being worked on. http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/land-rover/range-rover/60594/range-rover-plug-hybrid-confirmed

So there it is, a once simple machine used in the countryside has evolved so much, to becoming the Soccer Mom’s run around, that it even had to step up to the mark and become a car with possibilities of being plugged into your home the same as your kettle.


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