Land Rover: World Water Day 2013

A year ago in February, the iconic Land Rover factory in Solihull, Birmingham, UK, built its one millionth Discovery. The legendary vehicle set out on the most ambitious fund-raising adventure Land Rover had ever embarked on; ‘Journey of Discovery’ to mark World Water Day 2013. 50 days, 10,000 unforgiven miles, and a target of £1 million to help support “a sustainable water and sanitation programme in Uganda”.

The three-year project is being overseen by Land Rover’s Global Humanitarian Partner; the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), who is working closely with the Uganda Red Cross to increase clean water coverage by fifteen per cent, increase access to improved sanitation and hygienic practices, and set-up a community-based system to manage water supply, sanitation and environmental health.

 The project began in June and since then a lot has been achieved. A year later Personal Hygiene and Sanitation Education (PHASE) training has been established in local schools with teachers and 7,500 information brochures and stickers have been sent out among communities.

Land Rover said: “The aim is to reduce the incidence of hygiene-related diseases such a cholera and diarrhea.

Vulnerable rural populations in Uganda engage in a daily struggle against health risks caused by inadequate access to clean water and sanitation.”

 Thanks to Land Rover’s support in the rural community and the generosity of donations, more than 45,000 people are set to benefit from the life saving water and sanitation projects in Uganda. It is said that substantial progress has been made so far, as seven boreholes have been drilled and there is to be construction of twenty-one shallow wells by contractors that are already in place. According to Land Rover, 12 schools have been selected for the PHASE programme.

Joelle Tanguy, Under Secretary General of Humanitarian Values and Diplomacy for IFRC said: “Access to safe water and improved sanitation is vital to improving healthy living for the vulnerable people we serve.

“One year on, thanks to the support, the project in Uganda is under way and already starting to make an impact on local communities.”


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