BMW Motorrad’s S 1000 XR

BMW have gone big with this one, combining sport bike with ADVENTURE


BMW Motorrad has developed the ultimate amalgamation of sport bike combined with the luxury and comfort of the touring bike. The Double R and GS, both legendary icons, have been crossbred to present the world with BMW Motorrad’s first ever adventure sports bike: the S 1000 XR.

Intentionally built to be an exceptional blend of touring bike, sports motorcycle and adventure bike, the XR is a hot fusion of the S 1000 R’s power and upright seating positions of the GS motorcycles, taking sport and adventure to another level. It looks sporty enough, letting out 160bhp and housing suspension that can cope with any terrain, and all without sparing on comfort for when you’re travelling a bit further than your local Tesco.

“Here’s the perfect BMW motorcycle for all those who want the dynamic performance of a sports motorcycle, the versatility of an adventure bike and the comfort of a touring bike.”

– BMW Motorrad

A whole host of optional extra can be added onto the XR model to make every experience and challenge just that bit easier, no matter the terrain. HP Shift Assistant Pro allows for more convenient gear changes; minimising clutch use so now every gear change is faster and easier, whilst the ABS Pro provides increased braking safety in the curves. Optimum suspension performance can be added with the likes of Dynamic Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA).

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The S 1000 XR is to be launched in the UK June 2015 and will only set you back £12,400 for basic… Unless you opt for all the fancy extras, then we suggest taking out a mortgage.




3 thoughts on “BMW Motorrad’s S 1000 XR

  1. Is this milly wonford or Emily wonford, been thinking about what happened to you alot lately if it is you glad your ok 🙂 adam

      1. Wow .. I thought you had disappeared off the face of the earth how are you keeping? What are you doing with yourself ..? I’m good thanks same old .. you have alot of time to do this blog I must say that. . It’s good though could always see you being a blogger 🙂

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