Could we become a world without a need for selfie sticks?

We’ve all heard of GoPros, and they are without doubt, still the biggest selling camera in the world for extreme sports. But what if there was new competition? Meet LILY, the world’s first autonomous camera, which simply needs to be thrown into the air in order for it to start filming. Possibly making it the handiest and simplest to use camera drone. No camera mounts, no wires, no selfie sticks.

UC Berkeley robotics lab created LILY, a lightweight (at only 2.8lb), waterproof, wireless camera drone, deep down in a basement. Built with outdoor action sport enthusiasts in mind, or just the kind of people that like to record their everyday goings-on, Lily Camera is controlled by a wireless tracking device or a purpose-made mobile app.

What do you need to keep LILY happy? Turn her on, throw her in the air, and she will follow you up to 100 feet in distance and 50 feet in altitude. Ah, but how long can you keep her flying, I can hear you say? Only a mere 20 minutes before she runs out of juice, and you’ll have to wait an excruciating 2 hours before you can have her up and running again. A huge drawback, considering the competition, a GoPro Hero4 Black on its lowest settings, lasts approximately 2 hours and comes in at a retail price of around £350.

LILY will set your bank balance back at a tidy $599 plus postage at $20, and in today’s exchange that’s about £386. Is it worth spending an extra £36 for a free-flying, all singing, all dancing drone following you around while you go about your extreme sportiness? Yes. LILY has the capabilities to follow or lead her owner, capturing stunning footage with a 1080p video, whilst taking high definition stills with a 12 megapixel camera.

Lily Camera can be pre-ordered from


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