The long awaited Africa Twin will reach Europe in 2015

The long anticipated wait for the next Adventure Bike of the year is finally here. Well, at the end of the year anyway. Honda has now officially confirmed the return of the Africa Twin after unveiling a mud dashed prototype called the “True Adventure” at last November’s Milan EICMA motorcycle show.

Other than giving out its official name, Honda have been whetting bike lover’s whistles with occasional teasers of the new Africa Twin. After rumours that it wouldn’t be released until 2016, disappointment is averted with an earlier than expected release of the CRF1000L across dealerships in Europe later in 2015.

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The CRF1000L offspring has all the attributes of its 80’s and 90’s Dakar Rally winning parents; a “go-anywhere” attitude with intense durability but without skimping on comfort for those extra-long days of exploration. What does it have that its predecessors didn’t? Decades of Honda knowledge thrown in, making this a top-of-class on-road and off-road machine.

Head of Honda Motorcycles, Nick Campolucci, stated: “We look forward to seeing the Africa Twin here in the UK, the return of this iconic name is already causing quite a stir.”

The bike will be home to an all new 1000cc two cylinder engine, an optional addition of Honda’s unique, and evolved, Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) technology and some mean off-road ability for when you find yourself travelling off the beaten track. This adventure extraordinaire is kitted out to provide first-class luxury with removable rubber blocks on the footpegs, but take these off and you’ll be gripped underfoot by bear-claws for when it gets a little muddy.

Speaking of muddy, the production model stays true to the True Adventure prototype, but strip it of its mud-splattered exterior and you’ll find the iconic red, white and blue and some menacing lights that scream “adventure”.


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