Desert Storm 25 Years On

On August 2, 1990, Suddam Hussein’s Iraqi army took occupation over Kuwait and the Gulf War began. Five months later, after Hussein missed the deadline to leave on January 1, 1991, U.S forces began their military offensive against the Iraqi army.

This month marks the 25th anniversary of the quickest and most effective military operation in modern history: the Desert Storm. By February 28, 1991 most of the fighting was over and Iraq’s occupation in Kuwait had come to an end. The liberation efforts of the U.S army were the largest that they had seen since World War I and the biggest U.S military operation since the Vietnam War in 1959.

Records show that approximately 60,830 U.S airmen participated in the fight, flying 1,200 aircraft that were responsible to strokes against Iraqi military infrastructure and defences. No U.S aircraft were destroyed during air-to-air combat, however, 39 Iraqi aircraft came to their end this way, but the U.S did lose 28 fixed-wing aircraft and 23 helicopters.


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