WWI German U-Boat Found Off Coast of East Anglia, UK

A First World War German U-boat, commissioned into the German Navy in September 1914, has finally been discovered on the seabed near East Anglia.

The SM U-31 that vanished after leaving for routine patrol from Wilhelmshaven, January 1915 has been discovered by energy companies ScottishPower and Vattenfall, whilst surveying the seabed for proposed offshore wind farms 55 miles off the coast of East Anglia.

With four officers and 31 men on board, the story goes that they were poisoned by an onboard has leak, whilst others thought that it sunk after been struck by a mine. Least to say, it had become subject to many a war legend.

According to Marke Dunkerly, marine archaeologist at Historic England, the submarine is in remarkable condition; “the conning tower [is] present and the bows [are] partially buried.”

Not expecting to find the SM U-31, they thought that perhaps it was the last-to-be-found Second World War Dutch Navy’s submarine.

The wreck, that is now an official military maritime war grave, will stay where it is. Future wind developments near the wreck will be built in such a way as to not disturb the site.

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