More royalty on the Underground

As most of you have probably heard already, news keenos, Queenie is getting another Undergound line dedicated to her. Many people are saying that this type of sycophancy needs to stop, but I say ‘why the hell should it?’ We’re an incredibly proud country and even more proud of our monarchy. Plus I do have a soft spot for ol’ Queenie and Philip, so I think it’s great news.

Making its debut on January 10, 1863 the London Underground opened its first line between Paddington and Farringdown Street. Since then it has been one of the world’s busiest underground link with an annual footfall of 1.305 billion a year.

Now, 153 years later a new ‘purple’ line is being installed: the Elizabeth Line, or Crossrail as it is being known as at the moment.

London Mayor Boris Johnson  revealed the new line that will run via Central London from Reading and Heathrow to Shenfield and Abbey Wood.

Of course Queen Elizabeth was also at the opening ceremony, adorning a purple dress and, dare a say Willy Wonka-esque, purple hat. But she certainly looked the part.

Elizabeth Line 2

Visit BBC News for some new and old photos of the Royal Family visiting the underground.


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