Review: Soviet Military Badges

A History and Collector’s Guide

Richard Hollingdale

Soviet Military Badges are fascinating objects too often neglected in English language publications.

With amazingly clear and well-detailed images, this book would appeal to both novices and enthusiasts (with me being a definite novice when it comes to military badges).

The aim of this book has been to offer the reader the greatest amount of information in the most readily accessible format – a pocket reference that can easily be dipped into in order to help the reader quickly identify the badges in their collections, or make them aware if other variations yet to be found.

Soviet Military Badges

This book does exactly that. You don’t need to read this title cover to cover by any means. What I loved about it was it helped me, and will continue to help me, understand more about a person in a photograph based on the badges they wear.

With good descriptions and introductions, although sometimes technical, it is in no way patronising in its approach, nor does it expect you to already know heaps about the subject.



Published by Amberley Publishing
96 pages
April 2016

Review: The Lancaster

Gordon A. A. Wilson
With photographs by Martin Keen

This book is both the story of the Lancaster and that of its seven-man crews: pilot, bomb aimer/nose gunner, wireless operator, flight engineer, navigator and mid-upper and rear gunners.

The Lancaster

This book is a great addition to Amberley Publishing’s library. I was swept away by the stunning photographs – both colour and black and white – that really helped to tell the story of the Lancaster and its crew.

Books like this are so important as they not only document history but they serve to keep memories alive.

Each chapter has an introduction, some that left me with goosebumps… *no spoilers*.

This is an exceptional piece of work that serves not only as something to be read, but something to keep. A great documentation of the history of the Lancaster.

Published by Amberley Publishing 
288 pages
November 2015

Review: Coventry and the Great War

This is definitely a book you should have on your shelf…

Coventry and the Great War
Coventry and the Great War is available from Amberley Publishing

This is a fantastic book, especially for those who are fascinated by the history of Coventry.

Although it starts with the school boy error of beginning a sentence with ‘On a warm summer’s evening…’, this can easily be overlooked as you read on and discover stories about the people of the city and what happened to it during the war.

McGrory’s addition of his own personal family history gives something a little extra and makes it all that more special.

Anyone that lives in or knows the area will enjoy seeing pictures of Great War Coventry and trying to imagine the difference between then and now. Especially as so much has changed around the Broadgate area!

Detailed with some great photographs and documents, this is definitely a book you should have on your shelf, even if just for reference or sentimental value.

Published by Amberley Publishing
128 pages
March  2016

Review: Tessa the Tank and the Classic Vehicle Show

Written and Illustrated by Jen Phillips

This is a fantastic short story about a tank that makes it to the top in an unexpected way. It has a good moral story for children and is a great way to get them interested in military vehicles and shows. Lovely illustrations, very different from other authors and illustrators. Highly recommended for young readers and would make a great collection of stories.

28 pages
Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
16 January 2016