And so a new project begins…

Like the crazy crafty person I have come to be, I am taking on a new challenge – turning this into a house/wedding dress boutique (perhaps). I’ll hopefully be making most of the contents by hand; if I stick with the wedding dress shop idea then I’ll be making dresses on the sewing machine that sits alone in the corner of the kitchen at the moment. But I’m undecided as to whether I’d like a cake shop – something I’ve always fancied in real life but will never get around to.

I have taken inspiration from Bromley Craft Products and want to use their powder and stencil to create a realistic ‘Northern’ stone finish on the outside, and am constantly pinning for ideas on Pinterest.

I’m hoping to do this, not just as a hobby, but as an opportunity to try and review new, and old, products.

Wish me luck!


Liberty’s 15th Dr Martens birthday cake

PDSC9168 PDSC9172PDSC9174PDSC9175 A variation of lemon & vanilla sponge and just plain vanilla sponge, shaped by hand carving into a shoe-shape (granted it looks more like a snow boot or Ugg than it does a Dr Marten!) Covered in lemon buttercream throughout the layers and covered to help the icing to stick. I used a layer of white royal icing, as I can not get hold of modelling chocolate that would help it keep its structural integrity, and then smoothed out the lumps and bumps ready for the final layer of purple royal icing. Red writing piped icing for the stitching, and strawberry laces for the shoe laces. All details have been mostly added with piping. Basically I have given my sister diabetes for her 15th birthday.