Remembering the Battle of Jutland

Nick Jellicoe
Nicholas Jellicoe, author of Jutland: The Unfinished Battle 

Nick Jellicoe, grandson of the famous Admiral Jellicoe, has been incredibly busy making the Battle of Jutland more accessible for all with his new website.

His aim is to commemorate not only the British dead but also the German dead, and hopes to make the German side of the story better known. Original German accounts of the battle (or Skagerraksschlacht) were printed in Gothic text that was difficult to read. Jellicoe is using optical character recognition to translate the text, but volunteers are using being incorporated into the project to help translate.



The website is full of facts and statistics alongside interactive and animated maps, podcasts, videos and a database of ships and gunnery.

“It’s difficult to understand any battle just by looking at a typical map on a page in a book. All a map like this can show you is a moment in time rather than a dynamic, fluid picture of how forces moved and interacted with one another.


“We are working on a series of animated maps of the Battle of Jutland which will give the viewer a better idea of the dynamic of this complex battle.”

As generations constantly change, and values and importance change with it, it is crucial that history is told in a different way. The website, with its engaging and fun-to-use content helps to make history more accessible on a topic that is not widely taught in schools.

“It’s important that the history and lessons of Jutland are passed onto new generations whose language is digital and whose values have evolved.”

Jutland Unfinished Battle
Jutland: The Unfinished Battle is available to preorder from Pen & Sword Books. Released March 2016