KTM 1190 Adventure R: Not for the faint-hearted

According to KTM: “the 1190 Adventurer R has the heart and soul of the original KTM Adventure – puristic, raw, sportily challenging for rider and machine.” Basically, this is an offroad lunacy machine; conceived, created, and built for thrill-seeking lunatics. Being a first of its kind, the 1190 is the only travel enduro motorcycle that has full offroad capabilities.

KTM openly pat themselves on the back for the 1190 Adventure R’s offroad abilities, capable of handling those dodgy Alpine passes and sand dunes of the desert kind – not the type you find down at Skegness after a night’s storm, all rolled into a neat little sporty affair. The 1190 screams fun-filled endurance for those who are not willing to make compromises when it comes to offroading. The KTM boasts larger, more robust 21”/18” wheels, which can be fitted with deep-tread knobbly tyres to greater the bikes use.


Everything about the KTM 1190 is built to be safe, without dampening on the excitement. With so much power possessed by such a lightweight bike, the Adventure R has a sensitive WP steering damper to ensure there are no nasty kick-backs on uneven roads. Well-balanced stiffness, high-end suspension, and weighing in at a mere 235kg – even fully tanked – boosts the bikes safety. It’s a lot easier to nimbly avert danger on a lightweight motorcycle.

pho_bike_det1 (1)

“…the 1190 Adventure R has been turned into what is currently the world’s safest motorcycle – yet still with undiluted riding pleasure”… so, taking into account it is the first bike to be equipped with Bosch’s Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) and the world first lean-sensitive cornering ABS, what KTM are trying to say is that it’s still a lean, mean, offroading machine that takes the term ‘adventure’ to a whole new level and throws caution to the wind.


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